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Zune software not updating

zune software not updating-54

The last firmware version known to work with this method is version 2.5.

This is a guide that I basically took from Jazzfan80’s post and updated it so that other users get clearer instructions with the updated answers/replies from his post.Quickly use Ctrl Alt Delete and open the task manager.Wait a few moments for it to load up and load the Zune into the tree on the left.In this post I will cover the way I was able to update my Zune firmware (one is easier than the other, thanks to mc Kaskie) and I have confirmed that both of these steps do work with my Windows 7 and 10 computers.Note some of these steps you can skip but I wanted to show what I did to get my resolution and I hope this helps!Alternatively, you could run the Kill while the video is sync'ing to end the process With the Zune software closed, your Zune will still say "Syncing..." on the screen.

You can use filters, sync music only from playlists, sync all of your music, or sync a random selection of music up to the device capacity (if you have enough music).

This work-around is not for the faint of heart and currently has some limitations: -It appears that wireless synching is not allowed -Multiple hacks are required to synchronize, including a registry hack.

-Make sure Mediamonkey is CLOSED -Make sure your Zune is DISCONNECTED from the computer -You may want to remove the music already on your Zune before synchronizing with Mediamonkey.

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Software is designed to convert DRM-protected audio files.

You may have duplicates of all your music if you do not remove the old music.(This can be easily done through the Zune software).-Mediamonkey cannot synchronize pictures and video, so you will still have to use the Zune software to get these types of files onto the device.