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Vox amp serial number dating

vox amp serial number dating-64

The original preamp gain structure was attenuated by a new circuit design that limited output.

Date: GMT Organization: On-Ramp; Individual Internet Connections; Dallas/Ft Worth/Houston, TX USA I came across this today and thought I might share it with the group: Dating your Vox amplifier Because the Vox name has been used by such a variety of companies in different locations, no lists of serial numbers are available. * Brown latticed or occasional plain speaker cloth. * Audiom 60 or Rola-Celestion G12 speakers, 4-input models only. 1964-1965 * Change of control panel color to dark grey with metallic legend. Additionally, the world wide demand for Marshall amplifiers had grown to a point that Marshall no longer wished to build Vox amps.They wanted to dedicate their production facilities exclusively to the production of their own amps.Anyways, Im trying to get a vox amp and found a guy is selling a 30watter for 200 bucks.

I thought it was the cambridge 1x10 but he says it`s a pathfinder from the 80`s and it`s 27 watts.

Is that info correct or he`s maybe confusing the output watts with the electrical watts, which a lot of people do around here trying to get some more attention on the things they sell. so maybe one of you knows about knows a lot about vox amps....

To many, the most celebrated AC-30 was the top boosted 1964 model manufactured by Vox under the original JMI ownership.

Near the end of the run in 2003, escalating manufacturing costs caused the retail price of the AC30TBX to reach $3200.

Such increased pricing in a post 9/11 economy caused AC-30 sales to sag.

Built like a tank, the JMI AC-30 was hand wired on tag strips fastened to a sturdy steel and aluminum chassis.