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Updating oak kitchen cabinets

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For more kitchen makeover ideas that don’t require major renovations, check out my blog post about backsplash ideas or this one about RV refrigerator makeovers. Check out my blog post “RV Owners Who Painted Their Cabinets” to see some photos.

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In the era of Pinterest perfection, it seems we’re all striving more than ever for a picture perfect home.After a stressful summer of renovations, we decided to wait on our kitchen.Despite what you see on Pinterest, you can do a kitchen makeover without painting your orange oak cabinets.If necessary, in this case you could paint just the island cabinets, but at least you’re not painting all the cabinets!Go simple and classic, like white subways and a contrasting grout.If painting cabinets white and updating countertops and a new backsplash aren’t in the budget or your husband refuses to paint perfectly good oak cabinets, you’re not alone.

Behind many computer screens are hopes and dreams, even my own, but it’s not always a reality.

I actually wanted to take down both cabinets on the sink wall, but we didn’t want to lose too much cabinet space. It’s a good trick to use on an island or a peninsula, even if you don’t paint the cabinets on the front.

But the bigger impact was in planking the back of the peninsula with white planks (check out my tips for this here! If you don’t want to remove cabinets to tone down the wood, you could always paint just a select few.

Removing that valence as well as possibly replacing an upper cabinet with some shelving, and your kitchen will look brand new, and totally pinterest-worthy!

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My kitchen was dark, and even though the window was small, its size was diminished further by being flanked so closely with the wood cabinets.