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Updating gridview in vb net

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Any suggestions would be great either on the code in particular or resources online.My main goal is to figure out how to update individual cells with new data that comes into the datatable.

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In this article we will explore those advantages as well as look at a simple sample application that illustrates how to save dates in UTC and still display them relative to the time zone's offset.California has a UTC offset of -8 and is in daylight savings time.Therefore my local time is Friday, August 3, 2007 .To compute the local time I simply subtracted eight hours then added an hour back in for daylights savings.UTC should be used in situations when date/time values are automatically entered by the system to record when a record was added or last updated.For example, in an online messageboard, whenever a user makes a post the current date and time is recorded and saved with that post.

Another example is in applications that track created on or last modified dates.

For example, in an e Commerce website, when an order was placed you'd want to record the date and time the order was made.

The primary advantage of storing date/time values in UTC is that it makes the data transportable.

But since we are now in UTC -5, it is as if Bob's order was made three hours earlier than it really was (since when it was AM on August 1, 2007 in the west coast it was really noon on the east coast).

One way around this, you might contend, is to execute a SQL query that adds three hours to the order date for all records in the table.

I want to update more than one cell in a particular column with new value in client side by clicking on it, edit and move the next one then click update button to save changes in database.