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Single parents dating bay area

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Others can’t fathom mixing dating with raising kids, so they put the thought indefinitely on the back burner.Still others thirst for love, romance and companionship, only to be thwarted in their attempts because they feel out of practice, believe that being a single parent holds a stigma or are turned off by the quirks of finding love online.

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The group can be found at goal of the group is to provide support for one another and help cope with divorce, to live life after divorce the best we can,” he told India-West.“Most members have been on and other matrimonial sites.No one doubts that being a single parent is a tough job.But when you throw dating into the mix, there arises a whole new set of challenges.One single mom, a new member, wrote, “I came across this Meetup a couple of months ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life …I enjoy being part of this group now and taking my child along to attend some of the family-friendly activities they organize.Perhaps you prepared for hours, trying on a dozen outfits, flat-ironing your hair to perfection and engaging in imaginary conversations with the person who could possibly turn out to be “the one.” Now imagine being a single parent on a date. Is this guy really worth the $20 an hour in babysitter fees?

But more than anything, on your dinner date, can you manage to not pass out in your rigatoni from sheer exhaustion?

It’s hard enough for anyone going through a divorce, but for Indian Americans, divorce presents unique challenges, according to Manish Ankola, an IT professional living in the Silicon Valley.“While divorces in Indian community are becoming rampant and socially accepted, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, most Indian divorces tend to be acrimonious,” he told India-West in a recent interview.

“I don’t know what it is — maybe it’s ego, maybe the sense of failure, or frustrations or the feeling of hurt and betrayal, maybe it’s about money — divorce tends to bring out the worst.” Ankola describes his story as “a textbook-style Desi story” — born and brought up in Mumbai, he attended the city’s Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute and got his first job in the U.

After divorce, many of my friends sympathizing with our situation invited us during the weekends; however, after some time, get togethers with other families became very difficult and spending weekends and holidays became very tough …“In the last 6 months since I joined this group, myself and my kids have participated in many of the get-togethers, celebrated Christmas and New Years together, and did picnics and movies.

Kids enjoy these events because they have other kids in their age group to play with.

“I would really like to be in a relationship with someone I trust, but getting there is so insane,” says Scott, who pens the blog singleparentcompany.