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Dad actually did quite well for a man who worked hard all his life. I got a chance to go into a management job with a medical implant manufacturer in Memphis in 1968.

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Oh yes, we (Lamer Street Rays) had 300 chickens and a mean German Shepherd and lots of surplus airplane engine boxes (used for building materials) and a victory garden. Regards, Dwain Ray Burbank High class of 1956 (Technically 1957 because I lacked a credit and made it up taking woodshop class summer of 1956 at Burroughs and got a 1957 diploma.) 10/20/16 - Midnight Special tapings by Marvin Steinberg We would go every Tuesday night to see the taping of the Midnight Special at NBC; we would get the tickets in the morning at am and be late for school. They are brave, they are bold, and the liquor they can hold, Is a story that's never been told.On several occasions, I walked barefooted in the Burbank wash all the way to Glendale. I had a special hiding place down under the tracks on the Empire railroad bridge.I met and talked with lots of hobos in the "open space" down past the Empire railroad bridge.Even in the war when the entire complex was draped with miles of camoflage netting.I have photos of me as a boy and it looks like there are low-lying hills and trees in the background.I don't even recall locking the doors when we went on vacation to the state parks. The town elected to take his property over at a low price and he was quite mad. We leased some offices on Burbank Blvd and had avocado-colored business cards printed (1966).

Especially when that property became part of the current high rise Holiday Inn. In 1958 we moved up to San Jose Avenue below Kenneth Road. The offices had funny pink tile in front so we painted the whole front of the building avocado.

Wes, I loved your comments about why you played in industrial areas because there were so many of them.

I now make a rule that we simply do not live in industrialized towns.

I have never really missed Burbank much because it is not the same place.

Everything grew so fast in the Los Angeles area that I have no home to go back to.

But I went to Monterey one year in an old house which was on the property acquired by the school district.