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Outlook 2016 tasks not updating

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Unlike repeating are not placed in your task list until the previous one is marked complete or deleted.So they are a convenient way to keep a repeating task on track without burdening your task list with a long list of future tasks.

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The two are nearly identical, but each has its own best use.When you click the Recurrence button you are next given some choices.And this is where it gets interesting because there are a lot of recurrence options, particularly in Windows Outlook, and they can be confusing.A new task is magically created in your tasks list, and the date is set to the subsequent Thursday.This keeps going on forever, unless you set an end date in the dialog above.When you save it, you can tell that task is recurring in your task list because the task icon changes to add a tiny double arrow in a circle.

After you finish that task and you mark it complete (or delete its instance), this is where recurrence kicks in.

Outlook’s implementation of recurring tasks is quite well done. Using Recurring Tasks with MYN Recurring tasks in Outlook work perfectly with the MYN system.

In fact, I think they work even better in the MYN-configured Outlook task list than in the out-of-box Outlook task setting.

Since this is the most common and easiest to understand, let’s work with that as an example.

Creating Scheduled Recurring Tasks As I said above, in Windows there are two kinds of recurring tasks and the first is called Scheduled. Sometimes you want a task dated to a specific day every week (Thursday say, as above).

If you create a weekly scheduled recurring task there and then mark it complete (or delete its instance), you’ll immediately see another task appear there, with the date set ahead to the next week.