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We found that is poorly ‘socialized’ in respect to any social network.Until then he had given little thought to his future, but on his return home he was quite clear that he did not want to be a farmer like his father and live the rest of his life in the country.He had three older brothers, the eldest of whom was at agricultural college and would inherit the farm anyway, one who wished to join the Army, and one who wished to become a priest.The only girls he had known until then were typical country lasses who dressed simply in plain smocks and wore thick serge stockings, and whose conversation was mainly about dolls and babies.In contrast his cousins seemed much older and so sophisticated, especially Jacqueline who wore smart dresses and nylon stockings, and even makeup, which he found shocking at first. He was a country born and had lived all his life on his father's farm and his mother had decided that now he was sixteen it was time he saw something of the wider world.

he had been in love with the city since that magical day in April fifty five years before when he had stepped off the train at the Gare du Nord and walked out of the station into the bustle of the busy streets of the capital.

His uncle worked for SNCF, the national French Railway company , and the family all travelled free in the trains.

Over the next two weeks the girls showed him all the sights of the city, and he marvelled at the majestic buildings on the boulevards and the grand palaces, monuments and churches.

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After much meditation he realised that most of all he would like to study art at the Sorbonne in Paris, which is what he eventually did, although there was some resistance from his father at first.