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The live girls are sexy and you probably won't want to waste your time trying to figure out how this feature works. When you first open up this web page, you will be shown tons of online girls who just want to chat with you.By going through each snapshot, you will easily be able to choose a girl for you.

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Calvin: my sister# Evan: your english is bad it does not sound like the english of someone from the us so no one will believe you Calvin: how can you teach me Evan: ok i will. Calvin: they dont send western union here we only receive Evan: what country are you in?We're using this data to quickly surface compromised accounts, ideally before the spammers have gotten very far.When we find compromised accounts or they are brought to our attention, we're working to make sure the accounts get back to their rightful owners as soon as possible.Loading each webcam is so fast that you will barely have enough time to blink.Once you begin watching the live girls, you will be so into them that you won't even want to blink!In it, a scammer takes over one of his real-world friend's accounts ("Calvin"), pretends to be stranded in London, and asks for money to get a plane ticket and pay hotel bills.

We've asked Facebook about how common these types of scams are -- one made the rounds last November -- and what they do about them. Calvin: i need your help urgently Evan: yes sir Calvin: am stuck here in london Evan: stuck?

First, we are disabling the account because, in some cases, the spammer has added a new contact email address and removed the old one.

We then ask that the rightful owner to contact our user operations team via this contact form: We're reminding users to be very suspicious of anyone, even friends, who ask you over the Internet to send money.

Calvin: i need money for my college fees but i wanna stop i promise i will stop but you people slave us during the 60s Evan: we did not have slaves in the 60s Calvin: but you about the slave trade Evan: yes that is true but slaves have been illegal here for almost 150 years Calvin: i can see that you ae a law student why can't you become a lawyer Evan: i will be a lawyer in 2 years when i finish school Calvin: ok Evan: how old are you?

Calvin: 27 i need work i eed a god job Evan: there are many nigerians in america do you know anyone who has gone to another country?

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