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Khatia buniatishvili nude

Khatia buniatishvili nude-50

If you don’t want to look at them whilst they’re performing because of their fashion decisions, close your eyes.

In more primitive societies the asshole would need to be able to back up his views with violence.But my goodness, it’s nice to see someone talking about them differently.Casual language is not an indication of disrespect – it’s quite the opposite.One of the things mentioned several times in the Guardian piece – and something that seems to be a common theme in discussions of Wang’s performances – is her clothing. But if I’m going to get naked with my music, I may as well be comfortable while I’m at it.’ That’s fine by me, and the videos I’ve seen (alas I didn’t make it to that RFH concert) make clear two things: the first, that the clothes are part of her stage persona and they really work for her; and the second, that she is such an astonishingly talented performer, she could be wearing a binbag and still be utterly visually, as well as musically, compelling.Now, before you feel your blood pressure start to rise and find your brain wandering down the tragically rather familiar path of ‘for goodness’ sake, why do we have to talk about her clothes just because she’s a woman? ’, I shall give you Wang’s own response, which was this: ‘if the music is beautiful and sensual, why not dress to fit? It’s crazy to think that the way people dress doesn’t affect how we perceive a performance.It speaks of a total love and familiarity that makes laid-back conversation about these people absolutely part of the way they think and feel about the music.

And given the apparent intimidation that still seems to affect some would-be classical concert goers, I suspect Wang might be exactly the right people to persuade them to give it a go.

The link was accompanied by a close-up publicity photo of the musician: sloe bedroom eyes, sensual semi-open lips suggesting a delight that’s still illegal in Alabama, naked shoulders hinting at the similarly nude rest of her body regrettably out of shot…

Good, she isn’t looking over my shoulder, so I can admit to you that the picture got me excited in ways one doesn’t normally associate with Chopin’s Fourth Ballade or for that matter any other classical composition this side of Wagner or perhaps Ravel’s Searching for a more traditional musical rapture I clicked on the actual clip and alas found it anticlimactic, as it were.

She performed at the Royal Festival Hall on 11 April, which was the reason for the interview.

And within the interview, two very specific things struck me about Wang: the way she dressed, and the way she spoke.

She speaks with utter passion, but not in hushed and hallowed tones.