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Hook up and fuck no credit card

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This trope is only for characters who cut and run without their superiors' knowledge, permission, or both. , but the former followed by this trope can result in Attack! Also not to be confused with Heel Face Turn or Mook Face Turn, where someone on the bad guys' side decides not just to walk away, but actively to join the forces of good.

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Starring Brian O'Halloran as Dante Hicks and Jeff Anderson as Randal Graves, it presents a day in the lives of two store clerks and their acquaintances.When the character does this specifically as an act of betrayal (i.e., wanting whoever is with them to suffer) and not just them saving their own hides, it's Betrayal by Inaction.Related to Know When to Fold 'Em, though this trope might be seen as less honorable. When this is done by children — or by childish adults — it's considered more contemptible than truly evil, and mockingly referred to as "taking your ball and going home" (in reference to the deserter taking the ball so the game couldn't continue without him).If a character (especially a minor one) is going to drop a Precision F-Strike, this is one of the most likely places.Reopening the store, Dante finds another of his ex-girlfriends has died and her wake is today.

Randal talks him into closing the store again and going to the wake.

Not to be confused with Line in the Sand, where a general gives his troops the opportunity to leave before a suicidal battle.

Nor Opt Out, in which someone quits for reasons of principle rather than mere frustration or cowardice.

Other events of the day include the discovery that Dante's high school girlfriend, Caitlin Bree, with whom he has been having early morning phone conversations, is engaged to be married.

Dante's current girlfriend, Veronica Loughran, also stops in to bring him homemade lasagna.

Randal is an irresponsible slacker who works in the next-door video store, RST Video, although he spends most of the day at the Quick Stop, neglecting the video store's customers.