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Hiv dating web sites

Rodney Carr is charged with spreading the virus to at least one woman. Court records reveal the minister learned he was HIV positive in 2005.That woman believes there are more victims out there now she's even more convinced. The On Your Side Investigators asked him about it during a recent court appearance.

Ask our relationship experts and get your dating dilemmas solved.If you have a success story of your own, we'd love to hear it!Share it with us or read through inspiring stories from some of our members.(Memphis) A Memphis man accused of spreading HIV is looking for more women to date. We're concealing her identity but that woman says Carr infected her with HIV between late 20.The On Your Side Investigators first told you about him last week. She reported him to police because she says he never told her he had the virus.It would be great if there were one definitive guide to dating.

Unfortunately, we can't hand you a manual - but we do have the next best thing.

He's not wonderful at all," said the woman who said Carr infected her.

Carr said, "I did not spread it, no." However, the woman told us she believed there may be other victims. She says it's no crime being on a website but it is against the law for those with HIV to have sex without telling their partner. "We live in a society where people don't talk about sex very well anyway, right.

We have members right across the UK - from Scotland to Cornwall and everywhere in between.

The perfect match for you could be living round the corner - you just haven't had the chance to meet them yet.

Dating websites are a chance to meet someone new and someone to date. Carr is a Memphis minister charged with spreading the virus that causes AIDS. We asked if he was HIV positive and he responded he'd rather not answer that question.