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Datingdramaqueen com

Do you ever wonder if it’s just you, or do you have a drama queen who is keeping your life miserable? You have to put yourself into this situation, and you need to handle or deal with the consequences of dating a drama queen.

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At this point, I just laugh it off and tell her not to worry, "you are the one I want".I think I am getting used to it, and learning to tolerate it. Another worry of mine, is that she's always contradicting herself regarding how she feels about me.She'll always tell me that she "needs" me" and thinks about me "all the time" and that I can't let go of her.You may be in a relationship that has thrilling highs, and drastic downs, like you’re on a toxic rollercoaster.Do you feel like it just can’t be normal or sane, or that no matter how hard you try, it will never be a stable relationship?But then again she always brings up that she's too dramatic for me, that maybe I can't handle her (I can so far) or question my affection for her, as if I don't really care for her (I do).

She also says she can't feel it, that she feels as if I am far away.

She likes to blame you for everything: every single problem in the relationship, every argument, every time that you fight it going to be your fault.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re right, because you will eventually cave in just to keep the relationship going, and diffuse the issues.

Girls, would you consider dating (or even talking) a guy who's never had a girlfriend before?

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Another point, she is completely hung up on my ex-gf.