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Dating night clubs

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They do time them so it's worth getting a drink every 40 minutes or so.Website Neverland Bangkok: Big Apple coyote club in Bangkok is a great starter club for those who have never been to a gentlemen's club before or are worried about pricing with memberships.

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This place if you don't get the membership it get's costly because non-member have to pay for mixers which are 100 baht a pop. This gets you 12 bottles of Black and drinks for the girls are 270 each.Unfortunately the girls drinks are timed at 1 drink per 40 min.So basically you pay the girl 500 baht an hour to be with you.Try elsewhere this place sucks ass not recommended at all but I thought I'd list it anyway, maybe it was just a bad night.Webiste The Resort Bangkok: is another great starter club with membership from only 5000 baht.The Pimp in Bangkok is was of those places that you really will never forget.

This is one of the most popular coyote clubs in all of Thailand.

They have a pool and a good looking bar but the place just seems to swank for me lots of suits go here which probably explains that.

If you have some Thai friends who are swinging dicks then take them here they'll probably fit right in.

Right near the Poseidon club in Bangkok very easy to find.

This place has been around for over a decade and has a very good following.

The girls sit around in a circle in the middle of the club so you can always see the available girls.