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Dating depressed man

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After coping with their 49th straight day of moping, I found that I was often ready to explode.

Use your mobile phone to browse singles, view profiles and see photos on our dating website.But the life of the depressed person's partner is also often on that casualty list.When you're depressed, it is often hard to be a good partner.Neglecting myself to focus on him left me bubbling with resentment. My doctor asked me what I was using for protection.“Nothing.” She looked at me funny, about to lecture, and then I said, “I’m not having sex.” It was especially awkward, as she had seen my boyfriend in the waiting room when she called me. Coping with a depressed partner with a non-existent sex drive made me feel like I was not in a relationship, or like something was wrong with me.I could never tell my friends the whole truth because if I did, they would be angry at him for not getting help, and annoyed with me for staying in a relationship that made me unhappy. My partner was there for me the day she died, holding me in the hospital while I cried. But a few days later, when I was extremely upset after cleaning out my grandma's house and sorting through her possessions, he couldn't support me. Can't you hold me as I cry, instead of curling up into a ball? I convinced myself plenty of times that things were getting better, that my partner's depression was improving, after a magical day or week when they seemed different. It hurt even more whenever they crashed again, and somehow, I was never prepared.

He was staring at the ceiling instead, lost in his depression. I found that this cycle would continue indefinitely unless my partner sought help. It's hard to always be there for your depressed partner.

I found myself eating crap food all the time, because that’s what my depressed partner had been eating.

I skipped out on good-for-you things, like exercise and family, that would have made me feel better.

After dating a depressed partner for a while, I had a hard time even remembering what a normal relationship was like. And somehow, I was still asking myself, "How did I become depressed?

It’s not as easy to catch depression as it is to catch a cold, of course — but eventually, it spread to me. I felt sadness at what our relationship had become, sadness at what our lives has become. "I realize that yes, I just complained through this whole piece, and I'm not the one with depression.

I know depression is an illness, but I found the the girlfriend/mother/therapist role that I ended up occupying to be difficult.