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Curt rask and dating

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Things turned ugly on Twitter Saturday night during the Bruins-Penguins game.Names are filed without regard to case, spacing or punctuation, Mac and Mc are filed together as Mac, and names beginning with St. If you though the clown with the "Toronto Stronger" sign was ridiculous, he's been topped, or bottomed.He's in no way typical of most Pittsburgh fans, especially those who quietly left the arena play after Nathan Horton's goal gave Boston an insurmountable three-goal lead into the third period.David Krejci added a pair to stoke the ire of the Penguins and earned the coveted Ranger jacket from his teammates.Jordan Kuruc posted a tweet following the ejection of Cooke that crossed every line possible.

Kuruc posted the following on his Twitter feed: "NHL is f-----g rigged! I hope your city gets bombed again Boston." Kuruc was the lead singer of a band, ironically, called "Forebearance" which bills itself as "Melodic Hardcore from Western PA." After the Twitter firestorm, the band posted the following message on its Facebook page: It's come to my attention that our singer has said something very inappropriate via social media that is incredibly out of line.

#dontgiveaf--k hate boston so much.” Both Tweets were retweeted to the FBI's @FBIBoston Twitter feed.

Social media has allowed billions of people to show how brilliant, funny or despicable they can be.

Total citations to date: 161,662, including 39,428 added entries for maiden names, plus 117,722 entries from the NYS DOH index for a total of 279,384.

In order to minimize the confusion caused by variant spellings and spacing, the normal sorting order has been modified.

He also found himself on the end of some equally offensive hate speech. Kuruc wasn't the only one trying out their twisted sense of humor.