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Courting not dating

This is not to say that you will marry a person that you are courting, but it states you intention from the start.

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Rather she will see that she is simply exploring the possibility of marriage with a brother in Christ.The term “courting” might seem old fashioned to a lot of people in the high speed 21st century.Many people would get the image of a long winded process where a man would ask permission to date a girl, and take his time to “woo” a lady into finally marrying him.This means that lust and personal passions must be contained.You must flee from sexual temptation (1 Corinthians ).Where is the perseverance and love that carried our past generations? Doing a 180 with the courtship approach Maybe it’s time we look at how we envision relationships and why we enter relationships with another person.

Men, if you are serious about dating a girl then you should honour God all the way.

Men, your role in the relationship is to lead and show the example of how a Christ-centered relationship should be.

The problem with the 21 century dating game The keyword here is “game” in a sense that worldly dating relationships are sometimes seen as a thing that you can start over or where you can get an upgraded version any time you want.

A relationship is much more than just the two people involved – it influences everyone around you too.

Courting also gives you the chance to test the waters where you can do activities together in order to see character traits in various situations.

Something out of a fairy-tale most likely you would say?