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Only you know if you are doing it compulsively or if its just a healthy release.One way to learn more about yourself and what is going on sexually is to visit take the Great Sex Assessment.

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And I probably have cybersex a few times a week, for maybe an hour or hour and a half.It appears that men and women are using the Internet equally for "cybering".People engaging in cybersex have a tendency to underestimate the importance and effect on their lives.There are a lot of problems in todays society including this but I do think it's a healthy alternative to shoring around your local bar.As a recovering sex addict, I can attest to the sad reality that cybersex is not just "good dirty fun." It is highly addictive, grossly underestimated, and progressively fatal.Cybersex is pretty much the same thing as masturbation (which is normal, and healthy) except that it's slightly more fulfilling.

It's just masturbation with fantasy enhancement from another person (and all men fantasize while they're masturbating anyway).

Like anything that enhances your mood cycbersex can become addictive.

That's where the problem really is, not in cybersex itself, but in the addictive process that sometimes occurs as a result.

A published paper in JAMA highlighted this concern noting that online seekers were more likely to have had a previous STD than offline clients.

"The internet clearly has a role in solicitation of risky sex partners". Clues that one may have a problem with cybersex addiction include, routinely spending significant amounts of time in chat rooms with the sole purpose of finding cybersex, hiding on-line chatting from their significant other, feeling guilt or shame about online use , and masturbating while online.

Marriage counselors are now recognizing the importance of including issues of cybersex during marriage counseling.